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Project Gnome (In Development)

A story of Family and Garden Gnomes

Project Gnome is a narrative puzzle game where you play a grandchild heading to a lake-side cabin to figure out what happened to your grandfather, after he sends you a mysterious letter leaving the cabin to you. He explains that he is passing from this world, but not everything seems right. Can you solve your grandpa's mystery?

Game Details

Genre: Narrative Puzzle Game

Engine: Unity 3D

Status: In Development

Releasing on: Steam™

Release Date: TBD

Platforms: Windows PC

Towards the Sky (2021)

Simplistic Relaxation

Towards the Sky is a game made by Christian Sydow Andresen in 2021, with the intention of making a simplistic and relaxing game that could give players something to do while they talked with friends or listened to their favourite music.

Game Details

Genre: 3D Platformer

Engine: Unity 3D

Status: Finalized

Released on: Steam™

Release Date: 15. July, 2021

Platforms: Windows PC

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