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Side Projects & Game Jam Entries

Apartment Terrors (2023)

There's more to be afraid of than rent...

Project Details

Genre: Horror Walking Simulator

Platform: Windows PC

Engine: Unity 3D 20.2.20

My role: Everything

Team Size: 1

Duration: 15 days

Monster Wash (2023)

PlaygroundSquad - Student Game Project 2

Project Details

Genre: First Person Shooter

Platform: PlayStation VR 2

Engine: Unreal Engine 5.1

My role: UI / UX Designer

Team Size: 17

Duration: 40 days

More details to be added soon!

Gnome Jam (2023)

Hide & Seek: With Gnomes!

Project Details

Genre: Fantasy Walking Simulator

Platform: Windows PC

Engine: Unity 3D, v 2022.3.5f

My role: C# Programmer & Designer

Team Size: 3

Duration: 48 hours

About Gnome Jam

Gnome Jam is a fun and light-hearted game that's all about hide and seek gameplay, but with GNOMES! Spend your time exploring your beach-side cabin, which you share with your army of garden gnomes, as you try to seek out the three that have come to life!

Gneki, Gnris, and Gnim are all master hiders, so keep your eyes open wide! Listen out for their banter, and let their voices guide you to their location! All characters are fully voiced, and the game features subtitles and visual contrasts to help players with auditory and/or visual disabillities.

Gnome Jam was made for the 2023 GameJamSquad, a game jam exclusively for PlaygroundSquad students and alumni, by Christian Sydow Andresen, Kim Eklund, and Rebekah Landfeldt. It managed to secure 2nd place out of 7 entries.

Full Moon Fears (2022)

PlaygroundSquad - Student Game Project 1

Project Details

Genre: Reverse Horror

Platform: Windows PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 5

My role: Lead Designer

Team Size: 10

Duration: 30 days

Full Moon Fears is a reverse horror game about a werewolf who finds himself in a terrible position. It is his first night in his new form, and bloodlust has already claimed the lives of his wife and child. With nowhere else to go, the werewolf must escape the area and start a new life in the mountains, away from the terrible memories and judgement from others.

Alas, the villagers have no intention in letting a bloodthirsty werewolf escape with its life intact, and are out in force to hunt you down. They do not know that you are their friend and fellow villager, and will stop at nothing to get rid of you. You on the other hand, are unable and unwilling to raise your hand to your fellow man.

You take on the role of a werewolf who's been discovered by a group of angry villagers. Your goal is to escape from their clutches and evade capture while navigating a large forest. Climb trees, hide in snow piles, and dodging in-between trees to throw off your pursuers and make a safe getaway. Every decision you make will have consequences as you try to outwit and outmanoeuvre the mob. Do you try to sneak past them undetected, or do you confront them head-on? The stakes are high in this heart-pumping horror game.

The game's stunning graphics, made with Unreal Engine 5, will transport you to a world of terror and danger. With stylized graphics and an immersive soundtrack, you'll feel like you're really there as you navigate dark forests, abandoned towns, and more. Can you outsmart the villagers and escape to freedom, or will you be captured and put to death?

Impending Death (2021)

Horror Walking Simulator

Project Details

Genre: First Person Shooter

Platform: Windows PC

Engine: Unity 2020

My role: Solo Developer

Team Size: 1

Duration: 48 hours

Impending Death is a horror maze game made during the 48 hour long 2021 Nordic Game Jam. It ranked 16th out of 36th in overall quality, with comments praising its horror aesthetic and atmosphere considering the limited timespan.

The game takes place in a randomly generated maze, and it is up to you to find your way out while you are pursued by an invisible enemy. Can you escape before it tracks you down? Or will you be yet another victim of its bloodthirst?