Unus Lupus

Welcome to Unus Lupus!

We are a group of Scandinavian Indie Devs creating fun and engaging games for both singleplayer and multiplayer!

All of us here are really passionate about everything related to creating games. Collectively we have over two decades of experience with different branches of game development, and we are planning on mixing that passion and experience into great games.

So watch out for our future titles! You can grab some quick info about them down below!

Coming in late 2024/early 2025


Pesterminators is a cartoony online co-op FPS all about exterminating household pests in various fun ways!

Arm yourself with everything from a simple rolled-up newspaper to a gas-guzzling flamethrower, either alone or with friends!

More info and links will be posted as development progresses!

In Preproduction

Whispersong Forest

Whispersong Forest is a narrative-driven singleplayer experience all about a grandchild coming to terms with their grandfathers passing, the memories that are left behind, and everything related to them.

Prepare yourself for an emotional adventure in a beautiful stylized world full of stories for you to enjoy!


Christian Andresen

Designer & Coder

Game Designer & Programmer with five years of experience with Unity / C#.

Kim Eklund

Environment Artist

A skilled 3D artist with nearly a decade of experience with Blender.

Rebekah Landfeldt

Creature Artist

A skilled 3D Artist with over 6 years of experience with Blender.

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