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Our Games
Unreleased VR Horror Project (WIP)

Our current project is an unreleased VR title that is currently in pre-production while we work out the fundamental aspects of the game.

Without spoiling too much of what we have planned of the game, we can share that it is going to take place in Central Europe, with the majority of the gameplay taking place on a moving train. It will be a single-player game, featuring multiple endings for the player to pursue, with plenty of interactions throughout the game.

Possible Nordic Mythology game (WIP)

We are currently in talks with two freelance artists about collaborating on a game that draws on nordic mythology, specifically creatures from folk tales, featuring different kinds of gameplay unique to each creature. This idea is partly inspired by the game jam game we recently released on Itch.io, called Gnome Jam.

The rough idea is that you come across an abandoned cabin, covered in dust and grime, its furniture worn down. Everything looks old, except for a series of perfectly pristine paintings hanging in different places throughout the cabin. Each painting depicts a beautiful nordic landscape, and an iconic nordic mythological creature. Interacting with the painting transports the player into that world, where they get the chance to see the creature in its element and interact with it through interesting and fun challenges.

Towards the Sky (2021)

Towards the Sky is a relaxing 3D platformer with a minimalistic and colourful design, fun game mechanics, and an interesting, randomly generated level layout. No playthrough will ever be the same, and it is up to the player how they choose to reach the top.

About Unus Lupus

Hi there, I'm Christian Sydow Andresen, the person behind the Unus Lupus studio. I'm a solo developer aspiring to make indie horror games for the VR and PC platforms, drawing inspiration from classical literature and shaping new experiences from them, and hopefully renewing an interest for these works in a modern audience.

I am currently studying game design at PlaygroundSquad Falun, and hold a degree in Programming from Syddansk Erhvervsskole in Denmark. Both these educations have become amazing foundations for my dream of becoming a full time indie developer, providing me with plenty of skills and opportunities to grow.

Personal Projects
Gnome Jam (2023)

Gnome Jam is a fun and light-hearted game that's all about hide and seek gameplay, but with GNOMES! Spend your time exploring your beach-side cabin, which you share with your army of garden gnomes, as you try to seek out the three that have come to life! Gneki, Gnris, and Gnim are all master hiders, so keep your eyes open wide!

All characters are fully voiced, and the game features subtitles and visual contrasts to help players with auditory and/or visual disabillities.

Gnome Jam was initially made within 48 hours by three people for the GameJamSquad Game Jam, a game jam exclusively for PlaygroundSquad students. Following the end of the Game Jam, work has continued on the project to polish the overall experience.

As we are currently still polishing off Gnome Jam, we will not be including a link to a build until we have one we are satisfied with giving out. In the mean time we recommend checking out the Itch.io page for the game.

Monster Wash (2023)

Monster Wash is a single-player first person shooter for the PlayStation VR 2, where you play as a professional monster cleaner. Using a collection of cleaning gear inspired by popular toy guns and weapons, you will be washing monsters and drying them off so they can be returned to their owners in a pristine state. But beware, some monsters don't take kindly to water and will lash out!

Monster Wash was developed in Unreal Engine 5 as part of the second collaborative game project at PlaygroundSquad. The game was made over 9 weeks by a team of 19 people (4 designers, 4 programmers, 8 artists, and 3 sound designers).

Link to Dev Diary

Full Moon Fears (2022)

Full Moon Fears is a reverse horror game about a werewolf who finds himself in a terrible position. It is his first night in his new form, and bloodlust has already claimed the lives of his wife and child. With nowhere else to go, the werewolf must escape the area and start a new life in the mountains, away from the terrible memories and judgement from others.

Alas, the villagers have no intention in letting a bloodthirsty werewolf escape with its life intact, and are out in force to hunt you down. They do not know that you are their friend and fellow villager, and will stop at nothing to get rid of you. You on the other hand, are unable and unwilling to raise your hand to your fellow man.

Full Moon Fears was developed in Unreal Engine 5 as part of the first collaborative game project at PlaygroundSquad. The game was made in 6 weeks by a team of 10 people (3 game designers, 3 programmers, and 4 artists).

Download a build here

Impending Death (2021)

Impending Death is a horror maze game made within 48 hours in the Unity Game Engine for the 2021 Nordic Game Jam. The theme for Nordic Game Jam 2021 was "Pending", which I interpreted as something soon to come.

With this in mind, I spent the first day working out the basic gameplay, setting up the maze layout and working on some randomization code so it would feel more replayable, and working on character controls. The second day I started working on the lighting and atmosphere for the game, adding materials and audio, and reached out to one of the musicians who also participated, who was kind enough to let me use some of his own original music (Credit in build link).

Impending Death placed #16 out of 35 entries in invoking emotional response, and #19 out of 35 entries for most on theme.

Download a build here

Monster Wash Development Diary
Day 1: Monday, 20 March 2023

Today we officially started the second game project! Starting off we moved into our new spots, and then met as a team before lunch. We introduced everyone to each other, and then went over what everyone wanted to work with, and what us designers had planned for the game. After lunch I started working on a VR document, outlining the different types of VR movement, rotation, and interaction, their pros and cons, and what we should use in the project along with how it should be implemented in our game.

Day 2: Tuesday, 21 March 2023

We started the day off with a take-off meeting with Lotta, the COO of Tension, where we went over everyone’s roles, expectations, goals and limitations for the project. That ran until lunch, after which I kept working on the document I started on yesterday. Also weighed in on multiple conversations about the level and the VR experience in the game, and generally how VR should work.

Day 3: Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Started off the day with a SCRUM meeting, where everyone got caught up on the latest tasks and such. Went back to working on the VR document where I reworked the document to feel more freeflowing, and including input I got yesterday from the team regarding the VR experience. Managed to cover all the relevant types of VR movement and rotation, and will be continuing to work on ideas for how to handle VR Interactions in the game.

Day 4: Thursday, 23 March 2023

Started off the day with a SCRUM meeting, where everyone got caught up on the latest tasks and such. Afterwards I started talking to the other designers, bouncing off ideas on them such as using diegetic ingame menus, discussing controls, vr default options, and such. Also kept filling out the document, having covered crouching so far. Looking forward to testing the principles in VR next week.

Day 5: Friday, 24 March 2023

Got caught up with everyones progress and quickly fixed up a PDF version of VR Movement/Rotation so the entire team is aware of what we are going to be using and how. Then I started working on crouching in VR, went over the GDD to see if we're missing anything, and discussed some game ideas with the other designers, notably how are we going to handle finding dirt (Took inspiration from Powerwash Simulators reveal dirt function), and that we should replace soap guns with soap grenades instead to give players a new way to interact in the cleaning process, as well as adding some variety to the gameplay.

Day 6: Monday, 27 March 2023

Got caught up with everyone's progress and tasks for the week, and updated the trello to reflect the new sprint we are starting. Talked over my task ideas with the other designers and ended up cooking up some diegetic UI prototypes in the form of clipboards. These clipboards would contain all job-specific information in a manner that's easy to digest and navigate, while also seeming part of the world. Managed to finish the basic version of these, and will be starting on a document explaining the functions/reasoning behind each piece.

Day 7: Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Started working on the documentation regarding the job-specific UI, using images from the protoype I made in Unity. Worked on that until lunch, after which I had a meeting with the other designers where we set the scope for the game. During this meeting I also introduced my idea for the game inventory, which was accepted as the one we go forward with. We also scoped down the weapons and monster types, until we were left with: 2 monsters, 2 guns, 2 throwables (Toy and Grenade). This keeps the workload for everyone within reasonable limits, while also ensuring we can have fun and interesting gameplay.

Day 8: Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Spent most of the day working on the documentation for the UI and adding information about the VR controls and UI in the GDD. Aside from that I also made a mockup of the inventory system in Unity, which I have sent out for feedback in the group discord. Discussed the mechanics of the water gun and gave some feedback about the visual design of the gun to Magda. Tomorrow I will be trying to wrap up the documentation so I can start making UI for the game.

Contact Us

For General Inquiries: contact@unuslupus.com

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